Agencia para el Desarrollo de la Mosquitia (MOPAWI, Agence pour le développement de la Mosquitia)

For more than twenty-five years, the Agencia para el Desarrollo de la Mosquitia (MOPAWI, Agency for the Development of the Mosquitia) has worked to engage local and indigenous communities in the integrated management of the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve and other protected areas in northeastern Honduras. Located within the Mosquitia area, the reserve contains the largest intact rainforest north of the Amazon, and was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 in recognition of its natural and cultural heritage values.

The organization has collaborated with indigenous groups in Honduras to create a forest guard program that develops ecological guidelines and zoning for the Mesoamerican corridor, including rules for hunting, fishing, forestry and agriculture. As well as community forestry, the group's activities include sustainable agriculture, micro-enterprise development, ecotourism, and advocacy for indigenous land rights.


Faits marquants 

Equator Prize Winner: 2002

Founded: 1985

Location: Mosquitia area of eastern Honduras

Beneficiaries: Indigenous communities of Mosquitia

Biodiversity: Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve area: 300 FAMILIES

Biodiversity: Chapada das Mesas National Park


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Mosquitia Pawisa Agency for the Development of the Honduran Mosquitia - Honduras

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 Prix Equateur 2002

Latin America and The Caribbean

 Conservation de la biodiversité

 Écoagriculture et sécurité alimentaire

 Foresterie durable

Gestion des ressources marines et côtières

 Gestion de l'eau douce

 Énergie durable


Informations sur le contact

Osvaldo Munguia
Apartado Postal #, Tegocigalpa, M.D.C., Honduras
Tel: +504 22 35 8659


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