Société des producteurs de cultures traditionnelles d'Aharam

Aharam Traditional Crops Producers' Company works with socially marginalized rural producers to conserve biodiversity in the semi-arid Ramnad Plains of Tamil Nadu state. The initiative uses a producer group model focused on women and landless labourers to promote organic farming practices that improve crop diversity and agro-biodiversity. The group's work has aimed at reducing dependence on cotton cultivation by increasing the commercial viability of farming of small-scale crops and harvesting of medicinal plants. The company is able to add value to these processes through supply chain management and secondary processing, thereby guaranteeing a fair price for organically-certified commodities bought in bulk directly from producer groups.

As well as supplying training in organic farming practices, the initiative has encouraged the formation of savings and micro-credit self-help groups, as well as supporting fledgling micro-enterprises.


Faits marquants 

Equator Prize Winner: 2006

Founded: 2003

Location: Tamil Nadu state, southern India

Beneficiaries: 15,000 rural small-scale producers

Biodiversity: drylands and agroBiodiversity


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 Prix Equateur 2006

 Asie et Pacifique

 Conservation de la biodiversité

 Écoagriculture et sécurité alimentaire

 Adaptation communautaire au changement climatique

Gestion des terres arides


Informations sur le contact

Mr. N. Muthu Velyudham
Managing Director
Ellis Nagar, Madurai City, Tamilnadu India
Tel: +91 452 2607762
Fax: +91 452 2300 369

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