Zone protégée de la zone humide d'Al-Heswa


The communities behind Al-Heswa Wetland Protected Area have successfully transformed a garbage dump into a functioning wetland ecosystem that provides a breeding site more than 100 migratory bird species, including flamingos. As a result, the Aden wetlands have grown into among the most important wetland ecosystems in Yemen and in the entire region. The community-managed protected area redirects treated wastewater away from the sea to local farms, improving natural fertilization and reducing negative impacts on marine habitats.

An entry fee system has been introduced to capitalize on ecotourism interest and ensure adequate revenues to effectively manage the protected area. Local livelihoods have improved, with jobs created in the areas of natural resource management, apiculture, small-scale business, and ecosystem restoration. Communities living adjacent to the protected area are leading monitoring and evaluation activities, regulating access, and ensuring that the restoration of this ecosystem is also creating sustainable livelihoods.


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Middle East And North Africa

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Al-Heswa Environmental Association
Aden, Yemen.

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