Centre pour l'autonomisation et le développement des ressources

The Center for Empowerment and Resource Development works in the Caraga region of the Philippines to conserve marine and coastal resources while improving the sustainability of local fisher livelihoods. The Centre's approach has been to put management of natural resources squarely in the hands of fisherfolk associations, working with local governments to develop barangay resolutions, municipal ordinances, and community-based management stewardship contracts that establish zoned fish sanctuaries, marine protected areas, and 'women-managed areas' that are governed by local community.

Beginning in 1996 in Hinatuan Bay, by 2011 the initiative was working with seven fish sanctuaries (covering approximately 470 hectares) through its member fisherfolk organizations. Conservation activities have paid dividends for the local fishermen: in Hinatuan Bay alone, fish catch size increased over a three-year period from three to eight kilograms per day.


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Equator Prize Winner: 2006

Founded: 1996

Location: Caraga region, Philippines

Beneficiaries: Fishing communities

Biodiversity: 7 fish sanctuaries, 1,146 ha of mangroves


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Informations sur le contact

Ma. Jovelyn T. Cleofe
Executive Director
Center for Empowerment and Resource Development
The Philippines
Tel: +632.925.1642
Fax: +632.924.0944
Email: cerd@skydsl.com.ph


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