Association des agriculteurs agroforestiers de Camalanda (CAFA)

The Camalandaan Agroforestry Farmers' Association works to conserve fragments of lowland limestone forest on the Philippines island of Negros through on-farm tree conservation in the Southern Cauayan Municipal Forest and Watershed Reserve. The association is made up of local farmers who have been allocated rights to plots of land by the government as part of a community-based forest management agreement.

Through a participatory land management plan, the group has divided community land into strict protection zones, publicly-owned multiple-use zones, special management zones, agricultural zones, and built-up areas. In addition to adopting agroforestry practices that improve agricultural productivity and help to actively regenerate the landscape, some members have been deputized as forest wardens – known as the "Bantay Lasang" – to regulate access to forest areas, as well as assisting researchers from Silliman University in biological monitoring.


Faits marquants 

Equator Prize Winner: 2008

Founded: 1983

Location: Cauayan, southwest Negros Occidental

Beneficiaries: Farming households of Camalandaan

Biodiversity: Southern Cauayan Municipal Reserve


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 Prix Equateur 2008

 Asie et Pacifique

 Conservation de la biodiversité

 Foresterie durable

 Écoagriculture et sécurité alimentaire

 Gestion de l'eau douce

 Adaptation communautaire au changement climatique

 Énergie durable


Informations sur le contact

Jemuel Dulla, Dr. Ely L. Alcala,  Benedict Velasco
Camalandaan Agroforest Farmers Association, Inc. (CAFA)
Philippines - 171
Tel: +063 908 253 6859+034 473 0308, +0917 736 0203, + 0920 788 3228


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