TRY Association des femmes de l'huître

TRY Oyster Women's Association brings together 500 female oyster harvesters from across 15 villages in the Greater Banjul area. Harvesters are clustered into cooperatives where they exchange sustainable oyster harvesting techniques and receive training in small-scale enterprise development. Cooperatives have ensured access to appropriate equipment and technologies, set higher standards for working and sanitary conditions, and helped to coordinate the processing, packaging and marketing of oysters.

The cooperatives have also been mobilized to reforest local mangroves and for educational outreach to the local population regarding the benefits of environmentally responsible resource management. Community-based land use and resource management plans have been implemented in and around the national park. The association also operates a microfinance project which provides local women with access to basic credit and savings services, financial advice, business training, and literacy classes. The association has been successful in providing policy guidance to government officials on the oyster sector, mangrove management, and wetland conservation.


Faits marquants 

Equator Prize Winner: 2012

Founded: 2007

Location: Greater Banjul area

Beneficiaries: More than 500 women oyster harvesters

Biodiversity: 6,300-hectare wetland reserve


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 Prix Équateur 2012

Afrique subsaharienne

 Conservation de la biodiversité

 Foresterie durable

 Gestion des ressources marines et côtières


Informations sur le contact

Fatou Janha Mboob
Opposite the New Market, Old Jeshwang, Western Division, Gambia


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