Bentuk piring konser untuk Pengembangan Tahan Lama dari Baie d'Antongil

Working in and around Antongil Bay – the largest bay in Madagascar and among the most productive in the Indian Ocean – Plateforme de Concertation pour le Développement Durable de la Baie d’Antongil (PCDDBA, Collaborative Platform for Sustainable Development of the Antongil Bay) brings together a diverse range of stakeholders to encourage the sustainable management of marine and coastal resources. Developed to address conflicts between artisanal and industrial fishing interests, declining fish populations, damage to marine ecosystems from illegal fishing and damaging fishing devices, and the conversion of mangroves to rice fields, this multi-stakeholder platform is the first of its kind in the country. PCDDBA provides a critical space for dialogue to facilitate coordinated resource management. Fish size and abundance has grown, endemic species have reappeared, marine ecosystem functioning has been restored, artisanal fisherfolk have been empowered, local incomes have improved, and a viable conflict resolution mechanism now guides resource access throughout the bay.


Fakta-Fakta Utama 

Equator Prize Winner: 2014

Founded: 2002

Location: Antongil Bay, Analanjirofo Region, Madagascar

Beneficiaries: 150,000 people living across 95 villages in
14 coastal municipalities

Area of Focus: Sustainable marine and coastal resource
management, multi-stakeholder engagement


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Informasi Kontak

Plate-forme de Concertation pour le Développement Durable de la Baie d'Antongil
Tolojanahary Rakotonirina, Wildlife Conservation Society
Language: French

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