Community Baboon Sanctuary Women's Conservation Group (CBSWCG)

Led by women from seven communities in the northern coastal plain of Belize, the Community Baboon Sactuary Women's Conservation Group (CBSWCG) supports the conservation of the black howler monkey, or baboons, in the 6,000-hectare Community Baboon Sanctuary. CBSWCG brings together 240 landowners, each of whom voluntarily participates in conservation efforts through a pledge system. The sanctuary has produced a sustainable land management plan that has environmental, economic and social benefits that extend well beyond the protected area and include maintaining interconnected wildlife corridor integrity and a comprehensive sustainable natural resource management strategy.

A micro-credit fund has spawned projects in sustainable oil harvesting, tilapia farming, organic agriculture, and livestock rearing while the Bel-riv Commerce and Eco-Tourism Expo, created by the group in 2013, offers improved market access for farmers, small-scale entrepreneurs, and artisans. The successful protection of the sanctuary has led not only to an increase in the baboon population from 800 in 1985 to 6,000 in 2011, but also to the recovery of vulnerable populations of jaguar, ocelot, margay, puma and over 200 species of birds.


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Equator Prize Winner: 2017

Founded: 1998

Location: Bermudian Landing VillageBelize

Biodiversity: Forests, Wetlands, Rivers, Wildlife


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 Equator Prize 2017

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Jessie Young
Belize Distect, Belize


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