Capitania del Alto y Bajo Izozog (CABI, Captaincy of the Upper and Lower Izozog)

Capitania del Alto y Bajo Izozog (CABI, Captaincy of the Upper and Lower Izozog) represents more than 10,000 members of Bolivia's Izoceño-Guaraní people in a landmark co-management agreement in the country's Gran Chaco region. With technical support from the Wildlife Conservation Society, CABI negotiated with the Bolivian government for establishment of the 3.4 million-hectare Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco National Park and Integrated Management Natural Area, one of the largest national parks in South America.

The innovative management agreement at the heart of the park's creation gives co-management rights to the Izoceño-Guaraní people. CABI has also successfully lobbied for titling of indigenous territories within the park, with the eventual aim of acquiring ownership of around 1.5 million hectares. These gains have helped to protect the people's land from the threats posed by large-scale cattle ranching and commercial soybean, sunflower, and cotton farming.


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Founded: 1996


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 Equator Prize 2004

Latin America And The Caribbean

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Informações de contacto

Bonifacio Barrientos, Capitán Grande del Alto y Bajo Izozog
Evelio Arambiza, Director Ejecutivo Fundación Ivi Iyambae
Casilla 3108, Santa Cruz
Tel/Fax (591-3) 354-1409, 354-0063


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