Centre Régional de Recherche et d'Education pour un Développement Intégré

In South Benin, Centre Régional de Recherche et d’Education pour un Développement Intégré (CREDI-ONG, Regional Centre of Research and Education for Integrated Development) is putting youth at the centre of efforts to mitigate climate change while promoting community resilience. Established in 2006, CREDI-ONG has created an agroecological farm and a 67,000-hectare Community Natural Park in the Sitatunga Valley. Working in key wetland and forest ecosystems, the organization uses a participatory approach to promote integrated aquaculture, agroecological farming, and environmental protection, reaching 150,000 people. One thousand people — 84 percent of them women — have benefitted from 12 village savings and loan groups, agroecological clubs, and seven community apiculture units. Parallel environmental education clubs have empowered 1,250 youth as the next generation’s conservation leaders. Operating in an area with limited sustainable livelihood opportunities, CREDI-ONG provides a powerful example of how environmental conservation can mitigate climate change and ensure community resilience.


Key Facts 

Equator Prize Winner: 2019

Founded: 2005

Location: Abomey-Calavi, Benin

Ecosystem: Forests, Wetlands and rivers


Case study

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 Equator Prize 2019

 Sub-Saharan Africa

 Sustainable Forestry

Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change


Contact Information

Martial Kouderin
Executive Director


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